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Premium Configurations Features

Your new apps created by web2application have a lot of features and options in order to customize your apps in the best way for your business. In this article, we will review and review some of the options at the premium configurations features screen.

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Premium Configurations Feature #1

Members club is a powerful tool for each business. It’s true that each user that downloads the app becomes a member of yours but sometimes you like to get more information about the user like email, phone, and birthday in order to send gifts and special offers.

This feature will help you request information from the user. The form fields can be translated to any language from your app dashboard.

After the user fills in his details he will not see this form anymore and he will see a small cog that will allow him to edit and delete his data.

All lists will be saved in your app dashboard and you will be able to export the list to Excel.


Some apps want landscape more and some do not support it. From your app dashboard, you will be able to control if the apps will allow landscape mode or not.


Some apps want to allow zoom inside the app and some apps want to prevent these options for many reasons. From your app dashboard, you will be able to control if the apps will allow zoom or not.

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Camera and Files:

Most of the time apps need access to the files and camera in order for the app features to work like a social network or even a simple form with an option to attach images or documents.

You have the option to select if you like the app to support camera and files or not from your app dashboard.

Geo Location:

If you convert a website that uses GeoLocation then you need special permissions in the app.
With web2application system, you can select if you like to operate GeoLocations permissions in your app or not from your app dashboard.

iOS Back Button:

When you convert a website to an iOS app there is a problem because iPhones do not have a back button like an android device.
With this iOS back button feature, you will be able to add a back button to your app throw your app dashboard.

iOS Custom Status Bar:

On iPhone devices, there is the phone status bar with the battery and etc.
With this option, you can change the color of the status bar to match your app.

Login Remember:

When a user login your app, the app will remember his login (unless he has some special setting in his phone or application to prevent it).
The next time the user will open the app, he will be logged in automatically.

External links Opening:

Where do you like to open external links? Is the link is blank and needs to be open in the browser?
With this option, you will be able to select if you like to open external links inside the app or in the phone browser.

Apps Cache:

Apps cache will make your apps work faster by saving a version of the app pages that the user visit on his device.
Also if the user visits the page in the past and he has some internet problem the page will load from the phone cache.

Pull To Refresh:

Refresh the app, if the user is inside the app and he wants to refresh the page he can pull the screen down to refresh.

You can select if you want to disable it from the app dashboard.



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