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Interested in selling apps or adding app development services to your business? Come and be our partner

We are the leading platform for turning websites into apps from 2017 all over the world. We can turn any mobile-friendly website into iOS and Android apps and add advanced functions such as: push notifications for mobile and Chrome browsers, bottom tab menu, etc.


Advantages of being our partner:


1. Your clients will enjoy extra service from your business
2. Your customers will not look for solutions elsewhere that in some cases can cause you to lose customers
3. Additional income
4. Have an account manager that will help and support you with all that you need.
5. Special tutorials for partners
6. If necessary we refer customers to our partners.
7. you can use our logo
8. if you prefer WHITE LABAL brand we supply our partners a WHITE LABEL PORTAL that they can use including the options to translate the portal etc

Some screenshots to demonstrate the Whitelabel portal

How does It work?


There are several ways to collaborate when the goal is to find the best way for both of us.
1. Referral Partners – Partners who are not interested in taking an active part and simply refer customers through their partner link and receive 20% of the monthly payments that the clients they referred pay each month.
2. Active Partners – These partners make the contract with the customer and we function as a BACK OFFICE. We provide all the support needed for publishers such as an explanation of turning the WordPress plug-in into a WHITE LABEL, etc.
3. Integration with the partner system – In some cases there are partners who have a system to which our system can be integrated. This type of integration allows the partner customers to open applications, manage the applications, etc. from the partner system independently and enjoy additional service.
Integration is personal integration and can be customized as needed.
For example: If a partner has a mailing system, Why not let the users open apps and also send push notifications also from the same system?

Why be our partners and what are our benefits?


1. The platform is not a platform for building applications that can also turn a website into a WEB VIEW application. The platform is built for turning websites into applications, so the functions and code are adapted for this purpose.
2. The codes of the applications are JAVA and SWIFT, so, that if in the future a customer wants personal development, this is technically possible.
3. Since the platform is built to turn websites into applications, we have developed special functions for this purpose, such as an API for sending personal push messages directly from the customer’s system.
4. we support you 360 degrees and work with you to achieve the best results and solve and problem


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