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WordPress to application was never been easier then this! Just install our plugin and you will be able to control your app features directly from your WordPress admin. Send push notifications, Add and use web push notifications, Change Splash screen, and many many more...

Seamlessly transform your WordPress website into a powerful application.
No coding or technical skills needed.
Enhance user engagement and accessibility with a hassle-free conversion process.

WordPress to app - Convert your WordPress website to an iOS and Android App

We offer an advanced plugin to convert WordPress into App. WordPress website to mobile application or WordPress to iPhone iOS and automatically configure advanced features such as Web Push Messages etc. After activating the plugin in your website, you can:

Send push messages with a link to the content to be displayed when clicked.
Control over app features like ZOOM, TAB BAR and etc.
Any changes on your website will be automatically updated in the app.
Change the splash screen of the app and use it for advertisement.
Set up and send messages to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

And many more advanced features to help you increase your customer loyalty to your business and increase sales.

For the full features list please click here.

Top features for converting wordpress into app:

Build your members club and engage your clients with push notifications for special offers and news
Unlimited push messaging
Link the push notification to special content inside your website.
Automatic Web Push Install on your WordPress website
Free upload to your Google Play developer account (for premium members)
Free upload to your Apple developer account (for premium members)
Web push notifications to chrome
Deep linking (detects your site link and offers the user to open the link with your app on their device)
Smart download link and QRcode
Add a tab menu to your app (you can create pages for your app and put them in the tab bar menu)
Elementor support (you can hide elements in your apps)
Whatsapp support (Premium Members Only)
Send push notifications to your android, iOS, and browsers users directly from the post/page/product edit screen
Cart Remainder – Send E-mail and push notification to users who didnt finish their purchase and bring them back to finish the purchase
Miss You Reminder – Send an E-mail and push notification to users who didnt buy for some time on your website. Bring them back!
In-App Discount – Give a special discount to a user that buys inside your app and encourage downloads and use with the app
API to create personal push notifications to users throw Zapier and Integromat
Automatic push notification from woocommerce
can be translated with loco translate and perform as a white label for your clients

Check out screenshots of our WordPress to app plugin

WordPress plugins offer an easy and streamlined way to convert your website into an application.
Plugins provide flexibility to tailor your app's design and functionality.
WordPress plugins ensure a familiar interface for managing your application.
Benefit from the extensive support and updates available within the WordPress community

Frequently Asked Questions

After you install the WordPress to app plugin on your WordPress website you need to activate him by entering the API key from our system. Please follow instructions and if you have problems please send us screenshots of the general settings by messenger and we will help.

When you install our WordPress plugin and activate the API the plug automatically install the web push service in your WordPress site.
Please note that you need to set the web push setting with firebase in order for the web push to work.
iIf you are a PREMIUM MEMBER please contact the premium support via WhatsApp and they will set it for you.

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WordPress To App To Grow With Your Audience Like Never Before

Are you looking to convert your WordPress site to a premium mobile app? We can do this for you on best wordpress app builder so that you can grow and thrive like never before. We provide the best and intuitive app builder exclusively designed for WordPress so that your website can easily get converted without paying a lot.

With us, you can choose from a range of wordpress mobile development apps options to ensure your WordPress app design matches your website theme. Match your app design and get ready to personalize it as the way you want. We are professionals and will help you with 24/7 with the WP to App Converter plugin, which will be stunning and come along with easy & customizable design features. Our apps are easy to use, hence you can customize your home screen the way you want.

Get Great Features For Your WordPress Mobile App

With us, enjoy cutting-edge features will help you to grow your business. Hence, share your details and we will help you to turn WordPress into a mobile app in minutes. Here are the features you can enjoy:

  • Our WordPress App will enable your users to browse through app content without signing up.
  • Get unlimited push notifications from your app, which will help your users notified whenever you want in real-time. Additionally, customize notifications easily to increase click rates and views.
  • With us, you can create multilingual apps to help your users with multiple languages and reach a wider audience.
  • Powerful add-ons will be there to allow you social sharing, which leads to growing your business.
  • Get multi-platform support will enable users to log in to your WordPress app with Google and Apple accounts.

Want to learn some more about how we can help you with WordPress to App? Connect with us and we will help you monetize your mobile app and deliver a seamless experience. We are 24/7 available and help you to know how we can increase your revenue and engagement with our world-class best services.

More Here.. Convert WordPress Into App Using Our Advanced Plugin

There are so many companies claiming to change the WordPress website into an app. Some of them offer ready-made steps, and then you have others who are looking for help from experts to cover the task on their behalf. Now, reputed centers are offering an advanced plugin, which will convert Wordpress Into App much as you have asked for.

Through the plugins, you are able to convert the WordPress website into mobile apps for iPhone iOS and Android operating systems. It helps in configuring the advanced features automatically like the Web Push Messages and more.

WordPress Into App Features

Once you are done activating the plugin in your WordPress website, there are some simple yet amazing benefits waiting for you to unveil. So, let’s get to find these options right now.

  • You get the opportunity to set up and then send messages to Firefox and Chrome browsers once you are done converting Wordpress Into App.
  • You can further change the app’s splash screen and then use the same for advertisement purposes.
  • Any kind of change that you are planning to make to your website, those changes will get automatically updated in that said app.
  • Now, you get the chance to control app features like TAB BAR, ZOOM, and so much more.
  • Get this golden chance to send the push messages with the help of a link to the content, which will be displayed once you click on it.

Apart from these points mentioned already, there are so many other advanced features that are waiting for you once you have converted your WordPress website into a fully functional and easily navigable app around here. Once you are used to the advanced plugin, the features will come through with it.

Activate the plugin to get the desired result:

Once you have installed this plugin for converting WordPress to app, you need to activate the same. For that, keep the API key handy and enter that from the main system. There are all the necessary instructions given, and you can follow the same. In case you face any issue while covering the steps, make sure to take screenshots and send the same to the team through messenger. The team is always open 24 x 7 and ready to serve you with the results you have asked for.

Once you have installed the plugin and entered the API key, the service will start working automatically. Now, you have a picture-perfect app by your side!

WordPress To App

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