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The trend today is apps!
80% of web browsing has gone to mobile browsing and users all over the world do almost everything through their mobile phones. Starting, logging into their bank account, paying bills, shopping, corresponding with friends (yes, people forgot how to talk :)), shopping of all kinds, and keeping up to date on everything that is happening in the world.
They are also used to looking in the app stores for solutions to what they need and after downloading they also expect to receive push notifications with updates, news, and promotions.

To sum up: mobile devices have become the most personal device that no one leaves for a moment!

Don't Miss Out

As we explained, the trend today is apps, so why not have an app for your business as well?

Why can’t you address your customers with direct push notifications to their mobile phones and get them back to your business again and again?

Why should your logo not be displayed to your customer every time he opens the phone?

And there are loads and loads more benefits not to be missed!

How it Works

There is no need for technical knowledge! After the appointment we arrange a 10-20 minute remote control meeting where:

1. We understand the project
2. Ask the questions we need and arrange the necessary things
3. The day after tomorrow you receive an APK file for installing the app on an Android device to test the app.
4. After checking that everything is OK, upload to the Google app store and the Apple app store

Once approved, you will be instructed on how to distribute the app’s download link and how to distribute it

We do the process for you
App Approval success rate
Easy to operate
Personal support via whatsapp
The technical knowledge that you need

benefits in points

how your new app will help your business ?

1. You should not hope that the customer will remember you…
Today your customer needs to remember that you exist, open the phone, open a browser and search for your business. Pretty long process.
With an app every time he opens the phone he sees your icon and with one click he enters your business.

2. App builds a customer club for you – everyone who downloads the app automatically becomes a member in your business customer club and expects to receive updates, news, promotions, coupons, etc. straight to their mobile

3. You can send as many messages as you want with your customer approval without fear of spam law

4. Save time – Managing the app from visibility to orders through your site admin and you do not need to manage any more systems. Everything that is updated on the site is updated in the app.
For example, you can open a special category on the site that will only be displayed in the app and then give added value to the app


All the features you need to create an amazing app for your clients

Our system is built to convert websites into apps and we do so since 2017 all over the world.

With time we develop a lot of features to make our clients happy and their app better


What you get in this offer?

 Service and Support by our Experts team
 Remote Control V.I.P Support – we connect to your computer and open the developers account with you, install the plugin and do all the process for you
 Icon And Splash Screen Creation
 12 Months Premium Subscribe
 Web Notification – unlimited
 Native Android App
 Native IOS App
 Full Google Play submit – to your developer account
 Screenshots To Google
 Full Apple iOS submit – to your developer account
 Screenshots To Apple From 3 diffrent devices
 Unlimited Push Notifications
 Unlimited Downloads from the stores
 WordPress Plugin – include setting and installation
 Marketing Tools
 Whatsapp VIP Support
 100,000 Push Recipients (The number of the push Recipients. you can upgrade any time for more)
 Deep Linking
 Updates To Google And Apple (very important)
 All Premium Features
 White label – No credit to web2application.com

What our customers have to say…

Our Other Clients

How much all this package cost ?

All this package cost only 599$  instead of 799$

And you can relax while we will do all the process for you

Order can be placed here – Order Now

Like the idea?
Contact us directly via Whatsapp by clicking here
Or let’s meet for a personal meeting with zoom and speak about your new app

Please note:

  • Apple developer account cost 99$
  • Google developer account cost 25$
  • The approval of the apps is by Google’s and Apple’s decision. The key is to create an app with usability that will benefit users and follow google and apple guidelines.
  • Include 12-months premium subscribe

Build Your Web 2 App

If you need to build your website into a robust and seamless mobile application, look no further than our Application service. We understand the importance of reaching your audience on various platforms, so we offer comprehensive iOS and Android app development that seamlessly integrates with your existing website. Our team of skilled developers will analyze every aspect of your website design and functionality to create an app that mirrors its essence while offering an enhanced user experience on smartphones and tablets.

WordPress to IOS

With our expertise, you can rest assured knowing that your newly built mobile application will extend the reach of your business or brand, connecting with customers wherever they are. Additionally, our incorporation of push notification features ensures that users stay engaged by receiving timely updates from your website directly through the app interface. Embrace the opportunities this cutting-edge technology provides today, and let us transform your online presence into a remarkable cross-platform experience for all users.

When it comes to transforming a web-based platform into an application, the “Build Website” process entails many intricate steps that require skill and expertise. This endeavor involves careful planning and strategizing as developers meticulously analyze the existing website’s features and functionalities, determining how they can best be translated into an application format. Designers create a visually captivating interface that integrates user-friendly navigation elements while maintaining brand consistency.

The development phase involves crafting a robust codebase using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or frameworks like React or Angular. Attention is given to optimizing site performance by employing techniques such as minification and caching. Subsequently, rigorous testing ensures cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness across various devices’ screens, and faultless behavior under heavy traffic conditions.

Seamless integration with back-end systems is facilitated through APIs while incorporating security measures to safeguard sensitive user data from potential breaches or attacks. Focusing on search engine optimization enhances discoverability in app marketplaces for increased visibility among potential users. By diligently following this multifaceted approach, the Web to Application – Build Website transformation emerges successfully, yielding an intuitive and functional application that users can effortlessly engage with for all their needs.

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