web to application api

Web to application API

Integrations help connect different CMS systems. The easiest way is through Zapier and Integromat that can receive information in one format and transmitting it in a different format.

Web to application API diagram

With the help of our API system, you can send personalized push messages to your users just like the big companies that paid high amounts of money for app development.
For example:

1. If you have a virtual store customers will be able to receive their order progress in a push directly to their mobile, update delivery, etc.

2. If you have a “social network” site users will be able to receive push notifications with updates from their accounts. Any message that goes out in the email can also come as a push message directly to their mobiles.

These are just 2 examples of using an API but with the help of using an API, you can develop almost any idea you want.

* The use of the API is an advanced function. Before using the API, Please read our terms of use.


Web to Application API Services

A web service is, in its simplest form, a service that is accessible online. A web service differs from other services in that it requires a network to operate.


Since they structure and make understandable a complicated stream of code, APIs are essentially what all web services are. Additionally, they expose the reader-appealing elements while hiding the underlying workings.


Web services are not all APIs, though. There are numerous distinct APIs, ranging from the widely used to more secure, abstract usage, as has been covered throughout this article.


The definition of a web service is narrow, thus the phrases “web service” to application “API” cannot be used interchangeably. Again, depending on the nature, APIs can function without a special, dedicated network, whereas web services require a network to function. Before an application or website is made public, APIs are developed.


It may not be accessible to the general public as a website or app, but it may still be customized without a network connection.

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