Church App: Why Do Churches Need a Mobile Application

Church App: Why Do Churches Need a Mobile Application

With the new normal that the world is experiencing due to the pandemic, even churches now need a church app.

A mobile application specially developed for a church can be useful in many different ways. And no person nowadays doesn’t use a mobile application to easily access a piece of information.

If you’re a religious leader who wants to make sure that your church reaches your community, then you better consider developing apps for android and ios from your church website.

What is a church app?

A church app makes it easy for members to keep in touch with their support group, ask for encouragement, and send prayer requests if there are any. It’s also a good way to stay updated with church events. This way, no one will be left behind regarding the latest updates from your church.

Reasons for Having a Church App


Church members will have free access to the word of God anytime and anywhere.

Podcasts and Videos

Hearing sermons through podcasts and other forms of videos will be more possible. This can be done either through the website or with the mobile application. Engaging with God’s words will then be easier.

Church Events

Church members will be more updated with church events. You can also put an option wherein members in your community can respond whether they can attend the said event or not.


Sharing and making a contribution to the church is just a click away on your website or a tap on your phone. There is no reason not to make the donation process smooth and easy.


Opening a shop where members can buy items is a good way of sustaining and supporting a church. With the simple user experience that a mobile app can give, there is no way for church members to have a hard time purchasing.

Push Notification

With personalized push notifications, church members will become more engaged. Examples of push notifications that you can send through the app are videos, sermons, and news.

Grow the Community

With a simple yet powerful tool as a mobile app, it will be easier to collect information that will help build the community. Examples of this information are the phone numbers and email addresses the members provide upon signing up.

Web2Application will help bring your church to your community with native iOS and Android church app.


Develop a Church App with Web2Application

Web2Application has been in the business for several years now helping people convert their website to app in an instant. If you’re having trouble creating an app from any website, you can book a personal meeting with us to discuss the process and answer your questions.

How does a church app work?

Web2Application will build a website with a design appropriate for your church using a template that you will choose. All the information will be entered and managed through your church website. As a result, you will have a website plus the native iPhone and Android apps for your church.

Turn your church site to iOS and Android apps today!

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