WordPress plugin – connect and review (if you have a WordPress website)

If you have a WordPress website you can install our web2application plugin that will help you manage your Android and iOS apps, build a community, create better interaction with customers, and improve conversion, especially on e-commerce sites directly from your website admin!
The plug will automatically install Web Push Messages on your website (You still need to config the firebase for the web push in our system)


It is important to note that the plugin is not only intended for turning websites into apps and can be used even without apps!

For example, for sending push notifications to browsers, free AJAX product search, repurchase reminders, and abandoned shopping cart reminders.


The plugin features are:

Creating Android and iPhone iOS apps from your website:

The plugin is bundled with the WEB2APPLICATION.COM system, the leading system for turning websites into applications. The system will wrap your site with Google and Apple codes and add advanced features such as push notifications, GEO LOCATION support, camera, etc.

The apps can be uploaded to the Google and Apple app stores and the customers will be able to download the app like any app that exists in the store.

Everything that is updated on the website will be automatically updated in the application and everything will work as it works on your website

Sending push messages:

Push notifications for apps – the leading marketing tool of our time with 90% open rates, push notifications are notifications that pop up in the notification menu on the phone for all important apps like SMS, WHATSAPP FACEBOOK, etc. Now your notification will be there too!


Push notifications for browsers – let’s say your client doesn’t want to download the app for a certain reason. You don’t have to give him up! When the customer enters your website, he will ask if he is ready to receive the notification in his browser.


Scheduled push notifications to everyone – for optimization and planning in advance, it is possible to schedule the sending of push notifications to users, you can schedule a week or a month in advance and the notifications will be sent automatically and make your customers come back to you again and again.


Sending push notifications from the content creation page – if you want to save time and update the customers immediately when content is uploaded to the site, you can send the push notification with the link to the content and the image of the content directly from the content editing page


Automatic sending of all woocommerce messages as a Push – the push notifications system knows how to communicate between your woocommerce and Android and iPhone applications and sends the notifications that go out by email as push notifications also, thus making the application accessible to customers and getting them used for using your application.


PUSH DEEP LINKING – by clicking on the push, the customer will reach the specific content without going to the home page and start looking for the offer or article.


Compatible with ELEMENTOR

If you use ELEMENTOR, you can easily hide areas in order not to display certain content in the application. For example, if there is a lot of writing that is intended for promotion, you can hide it so that it does not burden the users of the application, or if there are buttons to download the application, you can hide them within the application.

Also, the Elementor page builder allows you to create special content for the application, such as a special home page for the application, up to building a special template for the application.

The plugin also supports and enhances woocommerce!


Free AJAX search for WooCommerce products that allows the customer to find what they are looking for faster.

As soon as a user starts typing the search term, he will be presented with related products and offers

Special offers only for app members

You can produce products that are only for members of the app for the purpose of promoting downloads.

Using the system, you can convert the product link to a link that, when clicked, will check whether the existing application is valid and open the application with the offer or send the customer to download your application!


Special discount for those who purchase within the app

In order to promote the downloads of your app, the plugin will detect whether the customer is inside the app, and if so, will add a coupon to the customer’s shopping cart with a special discount.

Abandoned shopping cart reminder in order to remind the customer to complete the purchase – in many cases users add products to the shopping cart and do not complete the purchase for various reasons. The plug will remind the customer to finish the purchase procedure by e-mail and push notification.


“We miss you” reminder for customers who haven’t shopped again in a certain period of time – we don’t want customers to forget us!, so there is an option to set a reminder for a customer who hasn’t returned to shop with us and bring him back.


Smart link and QR CODE for app download – in order to make it easier for customers to download the app, there is a link that identifies whether the customer has an Android or iPhone device and sends him to download from the correct store. The link can be sent by SMS, WHATSAPP, etc.


A special tab bar for better UX in the application –

Using the plugin, you can add a tab bar to the application that will appear only in applications and will allow the customer to quickly and efficiently navigate the content that you want to present to them, such as special offers, etc.


Building a customer club

The plugin enables the establishment of a community and a customer club, after all, any user who confirms receipt of push messages to browsers and/or installs an application, automatically becomes a club member that you can contact with pushes, birthday offers, etc.

Also, using the plug, a customer will be able to choose to belong to the groups to which they want to receive push notifications, thus making the sending more accurate and improving the conversion. For example, on a news site, a customer could choose to receive only sports-related notifications. In a store, a customer can choose to receive only messages about dog food


A special customer club form in the application

The customer club form will pop up when opening the application for customers and will allow them to register with the fields defined in the system, including belonging to groups. After registration, they will be able to update their details at any stage of the application.


Automation for birthdays, repeat push notifications –

The system allows the creation of automation that will save time and communicate with customers regularly and automatically, such as sending birthdays with a special gift coupon, recurring messages such as weekly reminders, etc.

The plugin can be installed from the WordPress plugins directory or to be downloaded from here.

after installing and activating the plugin:

1. At the main WordPress admin menu – Go to “Settings”.

2. Select and copy the URL that the plugin shows “your-domain.com”.

3. login to your web2application account and to “Push Setting at the left menu”.

4. Paste or write the URL that the plugin gave you and click “Create API”.


5. The system will generate a special API key for your URL. Copy it and paste it to the Plugin Setting ( number 6 on the first image).

6. Enter your website home page and clear the cache of the site. A popup from Chrome needs to be shown to ask you about getting a notification from your website.


For the Web Push 

if you are using wp-rocket minify, it should break Firebase JS code. Please exclude the Firebase code from the modification


Check and send a push
Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to check whether your browser’s messages are working.
Browse to your site and you should be notified that your site wants to be approved for sending messages

Please confirm the request and send push throw your plugin or our system

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