Develop an App with QR Code and Smart Link

Develop an App with QR Code and Smart Link

Do you have a website for your business that you want to develop an app for? Reach your customers anytime with a QR code and a smart link.

One dilemma of entrepreneurs who convert websites to app is how to get their target market to download their mobile applications.

QR code, as the name suggests, means a “Quick Response” code. 

But how important is this marketing tool in app development?

What is a QR code?

A QR code consists of white and black squares that are readable through a machine. It contains information, such as a URL, that can be read by mobile devices. Examples are smartphones and tablets, or anything that has a built-in camera app.

This “Quick Response” code looks very simple but has the capability of storing lots of data and information. It allows users to access information in an instant when scanned.

A QR code is an easy way to provide information and is a great marketing tool. It is often used in web pages, magazines, and billboards.

All you have to do is to point your camera at the said code. Once a banner appears on your device, you can tap it and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Web2Application’s QR Code and Smart Link Features 

Web2Application’s link and smart bar code will direct any user to specific information associated with the said features. It is done either by scanning the bar code or by clicking the link.

It also depends on the type of device the user has on whether they will be directed to the iOs App Store or the Google Playstore.

How to develop an app with a QR code?


Come up with special content for your mobile application, such as a promotion. Then enter the said content in the system and create a special link for it.

This special link will be used to send to others through emails, SMS, WhatsApp, or be posted on different social media platforms.

What will happen if a user will click on the link?

Once the user wants to see the information associated with the link or QR code, all they have to do is to click on it. It will then be checked automatically if the specific mobile application is already installed on the user’s device.

If the said mobile app is already installed, the mobile application will open and will display the content.

If the mobile app is not yet installed, it will direct the user to the appropriate App Store and will let the user download the app.

QR code and smart link features are the easiest way to get people to download your app.

Why type when you can just scan, right?

With Web2Application, you can take advantage of these features.

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Do you need a QR code? If you’re a business owner who wants to engage more with your clients to boost your sales and increase revenue, then the answer is definitely a YES.

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