How to create App Download campaign with google ads

Create App Download campaign with google ads

What a joy 🙂 You have your Android and iOS app on google play and apple AppStore and you can start sending push notifications to your app holders.

But, you need all your client to download your app and you also want new users to download your app and order.

The existing users are easy, You can just send your smart download link by SMS to all of them to install.

For new users, you can you special PPC campaign on google for apps download.
In this article, we will guide you on how to create an app download campaign with Google Ads.

  1. First, you need to open a google ads account. You can use your gmail for your campaign and google ads account.

how to create app download campaign with google ads step 1

2. Go to campaigns area and press “add new”

How to create App Download campaign step 2

3. When choosing campaigns – choose ” App promotion”

How to create App Download campaign step 3

4. Choose one of 3 option: App installs, App engagement, or App pre-registration (Android only).

Most of the time “App installs” is the right choice

After selecting your mobile app’s platform.

5. After you choose your platform write name to your campaign, country to promote your app, and language

6. Select your daily budget and price per download (conversion)


7. Now all you need to do is create your first ad. You can upload your promotional video or html5 ad or you can use the google ads manager option. In the right area, you can see how your customers will see your ad.

Save the ad and your campaign we start working after google review.

Several objectives for the Google App campaign

There are two primary goals to be accomplished with marketing for Google Apps. Let’s look into both of these:

Setup volume (Cost-per-install)

If you want more people to use your app, you should select this target as your goal in order to accomplish that. This can be an ideal option for you if your software has recently been released or if you’ve had problems expanding the number of installations over time.

Google recommends increasing your marketing expenditure to an amount that is at least fifty times more than your intended CPI. If the CPI for your campaign is $10, your minimum campaign budget should be $500.

App procedures (Cost-per-action)

This is the right target for you if you already have a sizeable user base for your app and you want to increase the amount of in-game engagement and conversions. You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to user behaviors to serve as objectives.

For example, completing the first level or paying in-app payments or google ads app download to unlock further content or features.

For a successful ad  and How to create App Download campaign with Google we recommend that you establish your marketing budget at a level that is at least ten times larger than your CPA. If you want to achieve a cost-per-action objective of $5, the budget should be at least $50.

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