Full Service Package – Personal A-Z full support

Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $699.00.

With this plan, you can relax and let us do the job for you by remote control to your computer and phone support.
the only thing that we need from you is a responsive website and we will go with you hand by hand throw all processes.

Together we will create amazing Ios and Android apps from your website!


With this package, you can relax and we will do all the process for you,
you will also have a personal representative that will work with you

  1. Set up your account with the app icon and splash screen that will be created from your logo.
  2. Add a tab menu to your app
  3. Review your website and tell you what to fix in order to have the best app πŸ™‚
  4. Setup the push notification for you
  5. If you have WordPress we will install our plugin inside your site and guide you on how to use it
  6. Set up the web push on your website so you can send push notifications to browsers.
  7. Create and send your APK so you will be able to test your app on android devices
  8. Help you open Google developer account
  9. Help you open Apple developer account (you don’t must have Apple device)
  10. Upload the apps to your developer’s account
  11. Create screenshots by Google and Apple guidelines and upload them to your accounts
  12. Fill all the details to Google and apple with you and send to review
  13. Accompany you until Google and Apple approve your apps.

Please note:

  • Apple developer account costs 99$
  • Google developer account costs 25$
  • The approval of the apps is by Google’s and Apple’s discretion. The key is to create an app with usability that will benefit users
  • For this package, you must have an active subscription in our system
  • this full-service package is for the app creation and submission to google and apple and do not include API support and analyze of the sites codes