Pay manualy – 3 months bulk


If you don’t like to pay monthly with Paypal you can pay here for a couple of months.
* Please select the number of months you like to pay for. the price if for 3 months and the quantity is the number of months in 3 months/count (Each count is 3 months, if you like 6 months please buy 2 counts)
* Please fill in the app name and appID in our system.
* update can have a couple of hours – you can contact and send a copy of the order to premium support via WhatsApp if you need it faster

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Additional information

Maximum Push Recipients

Up To 10000 Push Recipients + API, Up To 100000 Push Recipients + API, Up To 2000 Push Recipients, Up To 20000 Push Recipients + API, Up To 5000 Push Recipients, Up To 50000 Push Recipients + API